Decluttering, organizing and space-planning for busy people who have other things to do.

Tailored Organizing

Salem, OR  |  est. 2017

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Overwhelmed with chaos and clutter


Hit your limit of what you can do on your own to get organized?

It's time.

  • Get your problem areas under control.

  • Deal with the boxes you've been staring at for months.

  • Restart with a clean slate of organization.

  • Unbury your home!

You deserve an organized home that is tailored to your life.

Let's straighten it up!


Nervous to have some stranger come into your home and sort through your things?

Afraid it's a waste of money?

See what this client said!

I WAS NERVOUS to bring someone into my home to help me, but I was so comfortable working with Sheila.


She helped me find my way through the mental overwhelm of getting my home organized after a big inter-state move.


The mental stress and time that she saved me was WORTH every penny!

~ Tanya C

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My name is Sheila, and I live in Salem, Oregon with my husband, Matt, and our two boys, Isaiah and Eli.


I always say I'm a city girl who grew up in the country. I like things to be neat and prettybut living out in the BOONIES made that hard! Having to drive over an hour just to get to a Target caused me to be creative, resourceful and patient.


Growing up in Montana definitely gave me an edge in life and taught me how to work hard and have fun. I'm NOT PHASED BY MESSES, and I don't mind getting my hands dirty.


Helping people change their lives through organizing their space makes me SO HAPPY! Going from cluttered and overwhelming to tailored and functional is amazing.


I look forward to helping you experience the relief + satisfaction of an organized space.


Let's get started!

My ORGANIZING FAIRY (as I like to call her) created a

functional system that MAKES SENSE for us. 


We can’t begin to thank you enough Sheila!!!


~ Abby S. 



{sessions are 3 hours ea.}
{get all your questions answered!}
24 hours {8 sessions} | $52/hr
{$1248 total}  5% discount 

48 hours {16 sessions} | $46/hr
{$2208 total}  16% discount 
space-planning + product-sourcing  |  $55/hr
{outside of sessions}

add another organizer  |  $35/hr
{two people tend to get MORE than twice the work done!}

will travel  |  $30/hr travel time
{outside Salem area}

"Make one decision now that eliminates

a thousand decisions later."

~ Greg McKeown, Essentialism

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"Working with Sheila was WONDERFUL! It transformed how we live.


She is EXCELLENT at helping you declutter, organize and even design a space. I'm so grateful for all her help and ideas!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Sheila for all your organizing needs!"

~ Olivia H.