Organizing is not a quick process. It takes time and effort but is life-changing and well worth it! It’s ok if you’re overwhelmed. That’s totally normal and probably why you asked for our help. We’ll take you through the process step by step.


"When eating an elephant, take one bite at a time." 

- Creighton Abrams


  • DREAM of how you’d like to use the space in your ideal life. What is most important, what are your goals and priorities?

  • CLEAR the space, gather all items of the same type from throughout the home/office, sort into general categories.

  • CHOOSE if it stays or if it goes:

    • Keep

    • Belongs Elsewhere {like food-crusted plates in the bedroom - take to the kitchen}

    • Client Homework {to dos, projects, further sorting, etc.}

    • Donate | Sell | Give to someone specific

    • Toss | Recycle | Shred

  • DESIGN the space for function and aesthetics. This is a fun and creative process that may take some tweaking and re-working until we find what is right for you. Sometimes this requires shopping for storage solutions, but we like to “shop your home” first to utilize what you already have. 

  • FINISH up. Return the “belongs elsewhere” items to their homes, take out the trash and load up donations. Discuss homework and sourcing options.


Organizing and systems are customized to work with your natural tendencies whenever possible. There is no quick one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a discovery process that is tailored to your needs.


offering consultations and hands-on orga


  • Declutter and stage your home with what you have in order to sell it for top dollar

  • Declutter & pack for a move

  • Unpack and help set up your new home


  • At Home:

    • pantry, kitchen

    • bedrooms, closets

    • playroom

    • bathrooms

    • office, craft room

    • laundry room, utility room

    • entry, mud room

    • garage, shed

    • etc.

  • At Work:

    • office/cubicle

    • break room

    • supply room

  • On The Go:

    • your vehicle